Alongside the digitization detailed manuscript descriptions were compiled for all Lorsch codices, which are now searchable in a separate database set up solely for this project (see project description). The manuscript SEARCH option provides the possibility to search for contexts of the manuscripts’ origin as well as codicological and palaeographical data. It enables a selective search for previous owners, authors, titles, incipits, and subjects or types of texts. The database has been implemented with the software Koha and is being hosted by the Library Service Centre Baden-Württemberg (BSZ).

After completion of the manuscript descriptions the metadata of all 309 manuscript shelfmarks, which were included in the “Virtual Monastic Library of Lorsch”, has been made searchable in this database. As one shelfmark might hold several fascicles or fragments in a combined manuscript and originally independent parts have been recorded separately, the database holds in total 398 data records on the exterior description (incl. the overall records for combined manuscripts). Together with 948 data records on the content description the database contains a total of 1346 data records.

The following indexes provide a first overview:

places (of origin/provenances)
persons (authors)
subjects (keywords)

A detailed explanation of the extensive search options is offered under Help.

(published on 01/01/2012)